As a leading research institution, New York University strives to provide innovative, diverse and superlative instruction to our students, creating the future leaders of the global community.? This endeavor recruits faculty from the top of their fields, inviting them to contribute to our mission of academic excellence and fostering the groundbreaking research and discovery that defines our University.? Our faculty are recognized for their contributions, both in and out of the classroom, internally by the NYU community.? Their accomplishments and research are often acknowledged externally as well, earning them accolades from the world's leading organizations.

NYU students take advantage of the opportunity to study with the University's prestigious, award-winning faculty.? Their collaboration and the many research opportunities that the University affords has garnered many NYU students recognition as well.? As a testament to the community of scholars at NYU, this page highlights the awards and accomplishments of our faculty and students, as well as offers information about scholarships and other opportunities for recognition.